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Keywords: D
Downloads: 31
[audio]separor - ronald
Keywords: rwfifgi
Downloads: 3
[audio]Demo (Examen) - RONALD
Keywords: Demo; computacion; examen
Downloads: 8
[audio]hsbirthday2001Piste 8 - ronald
Keywords: jeev
Downloads: 151
[image]Gezelligheid tot sluitingstijd - Ronald

Downloads: 53
[image]Glij 'm d'r in - Ronald

Downloads: 46
Downloads: 693
[image]Geil moet ze zijn - Ronald

Downloads: 101
[texts]1991 1992 Official Congressional Directory 102 D Congress - Ronald

Downloads: 14,566
[texts]The blowup formula for Donaldson invariants - Ronald Fintushel
In this paper we present a formula which relates the Donaldson invariants of a 4-manifold X with the Donaldson invariants of its blowup X#-CP(2). This blow-up formula is independent of X and involves sigma-functions associated to a naturally arising elliptic function. This, the final version, corrects some earlier misconceptions regarding signs.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Rational Blowdowns of Smooth 4-Manifolds - Ronald Fintushel
In this paper we introduce a surgical procedure, called a rational blowdown, for a smooth 4-manifold X and determine how this procedure affects both the Donaldson and Seiberg-Witten invariants of X.
Downloads: 7
[texts]Wireability of an ultracomputer - Bianchini, Ronald

Downloads: 104
[texts]Effect of nitrogen source on rumen pH, ammonia, total and protein nitrogen - Abe, Ronald (Ronald Kuraso)
This volume was digitized and made accessible online due to deterioration of the original print copy.
Keywords: Rumen; Nitrogen in animal nutrition
Downloads: 35
[movies]Slatwall Garage Storage System - Ronald Allen
Garaginization is a locally owned and operated business serving the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. We arrive on time, and work until the job is done to your satisfaction. http://www.garaginization.com/
Keywords: Garage-Floor-Coating; Garage-Storage-Systems-Dallas
Downloads: 13
[movies]Why and How to Protect your Software from Piracy - Ronald Nichols
Protect Your Software Product From Piracy. Check out http://incloudibly.com for more details.
Keywords: ddos protected; dedicated web server; ddos protection; best dedicated servers
Downloads: 4
[movies]OTBP Staff Picks v1 400 - Ronald Krall
Slideshow of Off the Beaten Path's Oct09 Staff Picks
Keywords: books recommendations reviews bookstore
Downloads: 10
[texts]Quasi-Long-Range Order in Random-Anisotropy Heisenberg Models - Ronald Fisch
Monte Carlo simulations have been used to study a discretized Heisenberg ferromagnet (FM) with random uniaxial single-site anisotropy on $L \times L \times L$ simple cubic lattices, for $L$ up to 64. The spin variable on each site is chosen from the twelve [110] directions. The random anisotropy has infinite strength and a random direction on a fraction $x$ of the sites of the lattice, and is zero on the remaining sites...
[audio]Entrevista en Onda Cero - Ronald Castro
Esta es la entrevista en radio Onda Cero dando a conocer el proyecto CATDE en Centroamerica, fue realizada el 5 de Abril de 2010.
Keywords: ronald castro; fran rojo; onda cero; entrevista; catde
Downloads: 16
[texts]Three themes in the work of Charles Ehresmann: Local-to-global; Groupoids; Higher dimensions - Ronald Brown
This paper illustrates the themes of the title in terms of: van Kampen type theorems for the fundamental groupoid; holonomy and monodromy groupoids; and higher homotopy groupoids. Interaction with work of the writer is explored.
Downloads: 2
[audio]De toestand in de dans afl 8 26-04-07 uur 1 - Ronald Molendijk

Downloads: 59
[unknown]F.W.I. - Ronald Tulle

Downloads: 2
[movies]How To Protect Server From DDos Attacks and Keep Them Safe and Secure? - Ronald Nichols
Ways To Protect Server From DDos Attacks and Keep Them Safe and Secure?. Check out http://incloudibly.com for more details.
Keywords: best dedicated server hosting; dedicated hosting server
Downloads: 1
[movies]Finn 3-25 - Ronald Johnson
Finn playing at his grandparents' house Saturday, March 25, 2006.
Keywords: baby; laugh
Downloads: 97
[movies]Too Much Stuff - Allen Ronald
People don’t use their garages for parking cars in anymore! Stop dumping your "extra stuff" in Garage. Let us help you to organize your garage, while your car can stay in its home. Garaginization is your source for garage storage. With shelves, monkey bars and cabinets, your garage might look better than your home. http://www.garaginization.com/garage-storage-frisco-tx.php
Keywords: garage shelving frisco; Garage Cabinets Dallas
Downloads: 3
[audio]Radioshow De toestand in de dans afl 3 uur 2 - Ronald Molendijk

Downloads: 39
[audio]radioshow De toestand in de dans afl 8 uur 2 26-04-2007 - Ronald Molendijk

Downloads: 40
[texts]The matrix element for radiative Bhabha scattering in the forward direction - Ronald Kleiss
We present an approximation to the matrix element for the process e+e- --> e+e-gamma, appropriate to the situation where one or both of the fermions are scattered over very small angles. The leading terms in the situation where all scattering angles are small contains not only terms quadratic in the electron mass, but also quartic and even sextic terms must be included. Special attention is devoted to the numerical stability of the resultant expression...
Downloads: 2
[audio]Eugene Kadrmas - Ronald Flowers
This is an audio message that was transcribed into text for our Live Voice Conference, in Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries. Apostle Eugene Kadrmas has been used of God in a mighty way, as an Apostle to start many churches in India and Greece, along with other Nations of the World. This is a beginning study that He shared with our listeners from his book, as he shares the applications and anointings of the kingdom of God in your life...
Keywords: Jesus Christ; teaching the word, keys to the kingdom Apostle Eugene Kadrmas, Live Voice Conference Apostle Eugene Kadrmas, Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Audio Messages, what are the keys to the kingdom of heaven, what is the application of the keys to the kingdom of God, how does the kingdom of God expand, how to you operate in the kingdom of heaven
Downloads: 17
[audio]Mr. Ron Sings - Ronald Coolbeth
Outsider musician, writer, artist Ronald Coolbeth sings three songs. 1. in video format, "Ghost Riders In The Sky." 2. two showtunes recorded over the phone. 3. an over-the-top version of Frankie Laine's "That Lucky Old Sun."
Keywords: outsider; music; old man; ronald coolbeth; artist; writer; campy
Downloads: 373
[audio]Radioshow De toestand in de dans - Ronald Molendijk

Downloads: 73
[texts]Glassy Freezing and Long-Range Order in the 3D Random Field $XY$ Model - Ronald Fisch
Monte Carlo studies of the 3D random field $XY$ model on simple cubic lattices of size $64^3$, using two different isotropic random-field probability distributions of moderate strength, show a glassy freezing behavior above $T_c$, and long-range order below $T_c$, consistent with our earlier results for weaker and stronger random fields. This model should describe random pinning in vortex lattices in type-II superconducting alloys, charge-density wave materials, and decagonal quasicrystals.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Duality theory for Markov processes: Part 1 - Ronald Getoor
This is the first part of a possible monograph on the duality of Markov processes. It contains a proof of Fitzsimmons' existence theorem of a moderate Markov dual process relative to an excessive measure, m, together with the necessary preliminary material. Then this is applied to prove the correspondence between optional copredictable homogenous random measures and sigma finite measures not charging m-exceptional sets again following Fitzsimmons...
Downloads: 3
[audio]Podcast Intro - NBA Talk - Ronald Taite
Here is a brief introduction to the podcast as well as a look into the NBA's first week of playoff games.
Keywords: Intro; NBA; Talk; Lakers; Thunder; rant; fouls; fine
Downloads: 1
[audio]Test podcast of eee PC for Cisco Live! Africa - Ronald Bartels
I will be using an eee PC to do the podcasting at Cisco Live! Africa because it is a small and portable device. This is a test of the system to make certain it all works.
Keywords: eee; red pineapple; thinking problem management
Downloads: 21
[audio]Oráculo - Trote papai noel - Ronald rios
Oráculo - Trote papai noel
Keywords: Oráculo* Papai noel
Downloads: 24
[texts]Evidence of Long Range Order in the Riemann Zeta Function - Ronald Fisch
We have done a statistical analysis of some properties of the contour lines Im$(\zeta (s))$ = 0 of the Riemann zeta function. We find that this function is broken up into strips whose average width on the critical line does not appear to vary with height. We also compute the position of the primary zero for the lowest 200 strips, and find that this probability distribution also appears to be scale invariant.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Finite-Size Scaling Critical Behavior of Randomly Pinned Spin-Density Waves - Ronald Fisch
We have performed Monte Carlo studies of the 3D $XY$ model with random uniaxial anisotropy, which is a model for randomly pinned spin-density waves. We study $L \times L \times L$ simple cubic lattices, using $L$ values in the range 16 to 64, and with random anisotropy strengths of $D / 2 J$ = 1, 2, 3, 6 and $\infty$. There is a well-defined finite temperature critical point, $T_c$, for each these values of $D / 2 J$...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Embeddability of Arrangements of Pseudocircles into the Sphere - Ronald Ortner
An arrangement of pseudocircles is a finite set of oriented closed Jordan curves each two of which cross each other in exactly two points. To describe the combinatorial structure of arrangements on closed orientable surfaces, in (Linhart, Ortner 2004) so-called *intersection schemes* were introduced. Building up on results about the latter, we first clarify the notion of embedding of an arrangement...
Downloads: 2
[audio]radioshow de toestand in de dans - Ronald Molendijk

Downloads: 113
[texts]An Improved Limit on the Electric Dipole Moment of the Muon - Ronald McNabb
Data from the muon g-2 experiment at Brookhaven National Lab has been analyzed to search for a muon electric dipole moment(EDM), which would violate parity and time reversal symmetries. An EDM would cause a tilt in the spin precession plane of the muons, resulting in a vertical oscillation in the position of electrons hitting the detectors. No signal has been observed. Based on this analysis, an improved limit of $2.8 \times 10^{-19} e-cm(95% CL) is set on the muon EDM.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Contact process with mobile disorder - Ronald Dickman
I study the absorbing-state phase transition in the one-dimensional contact process with mobile disorder. In this model the dilution sites, though permanently inactive, diffuse freely, exchanging positions with the other sites, which host a basic contact process. Even though the disorder variables are not quenched, the critical behavior is affected: the critical exponents delta and z, the ratio beta/nu_perp and the moment ratio m= /rho^2 take values different from those of directed percolation, ...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Absorbing-state phase transitions: exact solutions of small systems - Ronald Dickman
I derive precise results for absorbing-state phase transitions using exact (numerically determined) quasistationary probability distributions for small systems. Analysis of the contact process on rings of 23 or fewer sites yields critical properties (control parameter, order-parameter ratios, and critical exponents z and beta/nu_perp) with an accuracy of better than 0.1%; for the exponent nu_perp the accuracy is about 0.5%...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Supernova Detection in IceCube: Status and Future - Ronald Bruijn
The IceCube detector, located at the South Pole, is discussed as a detector for core collapse supernovae. The large flux of $\bar{\nu}_{e}$ from a Galactic supernova gives rise to Cherenkov light from positrons and electrons created in neutrino interactions which increase the overall count rate of the photomultipliers significantly. We will give an overview of the standard, count rate based, method for supernova detection and present the development of a novel technique...
Downloads: 1
[audio]Documentation: The Techie Curse - Ronald Bartels
Techies are cursed by the reluctance to create documentation. This is so bad when a member of the techie sect actually starts becoming diligent and creates some documentation he or she is ridiculed. My opinion is that technologists have evolved into a mindset where the expectation is to be spoon fed and mollycoddled. In the good old days, it was common practice to tell people to RTFM.
Keywords: Standard Operating Procedures; RTFM
Downloads: 29
[audio]Radioshow De toestand in de dans afl uur 1 03/05/07 - Ronald Molendijk

Downloads: 47
[audio]Radioshow De toestand in de dans afl 4 uur 2 - Ronald Molendijk

Downloads: 35
[audio]Lunchcast at Casalingas - Ronald Bartels
A lunch cast from Casalinga with spacecakes.
Keywords: spacecakes; Casalinga
Downloads: 8
[audio]Radioshow De toestand in de dans afl 3 uur 1 - Ronald Molendijk

Downloads: 22
[texts]`Double modules', double categories and groupoids, and a new homotopical double groupoid - Ronald Brown
We give a rather general construction of double categories and so, under further conditions, double groupoids, from a structure we call a `double module'. We also give a homotopical construction of a double groupoid from a triad consisting of a space, two subspaces, and a set of base points, under a condition which also implies that this double groupoid contains two second relative homotopy groups.
Downloads: 2
[audio]2.12.14 Wise Sayings - Ronald Critton
Proverbs 24:15-23 Don't Rejoice in Calamity
Keywords: Humble; Envy; Fear; Lord; King
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